Handheld Garment Steamer application

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If you are not often traveling for business or your main purpose of purchasing a handheld Steamer is simply to iron and dispose of wrinkles at home, then I would more recommend using a handheld Steamer. When we designed this hand-held Garment Steamer, we positioned it for professional ironing at home, so as to better remove wrinkles from clothes at home. As a professional ironing hand-held Steamer, Garment Steamer far exceeds other similar types in terms of steam capacity and steam pressure, two oft-mentioned attributes of Garment Steamer, and is no less favorable even than vertical steamer.

Surging dry steam, can quickly smooth the wrinkles on the clothes, really do one brush is flat. High temperature and pressure steam not only allows for more efficient ironing, but also provides a number of other functions. In addition to the ordinary hand-held can also do the function of odor, mite removal, sterilization, but also can do the function of micro dry cleaning. This is the use of high temperature and high pressure steam can dissolve the viscosity of the stain, so as to achieve the removal of stains. In addition to the amount of steam and steam pressure, we also enlarged the tank to make it last as long as possible. In addition, we specially designed the option of two temperature adjustment, the ironing of spring and summer clothes and winter clothes can choose completely different gear. On the one hand, it can protect the thin clothes from deformation under the ironing of high temperature and high pressure steam. On the other hand, it can also save water and prolong the endurance. Finally, we have to consider that the current vertical Garment Steamer occupies too much space, and it is not very easy to store. However, hand-held Garment Steamer can not only be stored in the cabinet and drawer, but also be very good-looking even if it is placed at home as an ornament.

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