Industrial quarter turn electric actuator

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Quarter Turn Electric Actuator

Quarter Turn Electric Actuator is an electric device which controls the 0-90 degree switch of valve. It is mainly used for automatic control operation of ball valve, butterfly valve and shutter valve.

AOX quarter turn electric actuator are reliable, safe and convenient, with the advantages of compatibility and practicability.

AOX quarter turn electric actuator widely applies to petroleum, chemical, water treatment, shipping, paper making, power plant, heating, light industry and other industries.

Product Description


Torque range:50~6000N.m

Operation time:22~185 S

Ambient temperature:-20℃~+70℃

Control method:On and off / modulating type/ Intelligent type

Weight:7.5 KGS~83 KGS

Protection:IP67, (IP68 optional)

Manual Override:Yes

Mounting Flange(ISO 5211):F07/F10/F12/F14/F16

Material of Actuator Body: Aluminium Alloy

1. Various output torque from 50Nm to 6000Nm.

2. Wide range of voltage available for AOX-Q industrial quarter turn electric actuator.

3. Rugged construction with o-ring system giving water and explosionproof.

(optional : explosionproof/Exd IIC T5, IP68)

4. Indicator AOX-Q series industrial quarter turn electric actuator sustained by spring

Direction of visual indicator is set by factory.

In case of changing its direction,just grip the indicator plate and change the position.

Spring beneath indicator plate sustins the set position unchanged.

No need to loose screw and tight it again at all.

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